Our choking victims need support as sex loophole exposed


Article by Sherele Moody IT'S been many years since a trusted man tried to choke the life out of Jacque Lachmund, but she remembers the assault like it was yesterday. Struggling to breathe, her windpipe crushed under his strong hands and her body frozen in fear, Ms Lachmund said she let her body go limp as she pretended to pass out. The "playing dead" ruse worked, with the attacker letting the successful businesswoman go when her body went limp.... read more in the links below: ROCKHAMPTON https://www.themorningbulletin.com.au/news/rocky-choking-victims-need-support-as-sex-loophole/3412143/ SURAT https://www.suratbasin.com.au/news/our-choking-victims-need-support-as-sex-loophole-e/3412138/ BUNDABERG https://www.news-mail.com.au/news/bundy-choking-victims-need-support-as-sex-loophole/3412134/ WARWICK https://www.warwickdailynews.com.au/news/warwick-choking-victims-need-support-as-sex-loopho/3412131/ MACKAY https://www.dailymercury.com.au/news/mackay-choking-victims-need-support-as-sex-loophol/3412119/ IPSWICH https://www.qt.com.au/news/ipswich-choking-victims-need-support-as-sex-loopho/3412118/ GYMPIE https://www.gympietimes.com.au/news/gympie-choking-victims-need-support-as-sex-loophol/3412117/ GLADSTONE https://www.gladstoneobserver.com.au/news/gladstone-choke-victims-need-support-as-sex-loopho/3412114/ [...]

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Strangulation Prevention Training


The Bianca Faith Given National Institute for Strangulation Prevention has been developed as a program of the Red Rose Foundation to advance our knowledge, practice skills and successful intervention and prosecutions of non-lethal domestic violence strangulation. We are excited to be bringing back to Australia world acclaimed specialist trainers from the San Diego Institute on Strangulation Prevention. The training held in February 2017 was an outstanding success. Strangulation has been identified as one of the most lethal forms of domestic violence and sexual assault: unconsciousness may occur within seconds and death within minutes. Attendees of this training learn how to identify [...]

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The ultimate form of control


The ultimate form of control Until she lost her daughter, Sonia Anderson had no idea how common the act of strangulation was — or why so many could get away with it. By TRENT DALTON Sonia Anderson. Picture: Justine Walpole From The Weekend Australian Magazine April 21, 2018 17 MINUTE READ Ever since her daughter Bianca died she has choked on the S-word. Some warped physiological aftershock of loss. Eight years of grieving sucked up from her gut and through her heart and into a voice box that won’t spit that one awful word out. Sonia Anderson stands in the place where her daughter, [...]

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