A fresh move is under way to make non-fatal strangulation a specific criminal offence in England and Wales, after the House of Lords debated the Domestic Abuse Bill.

The government has said it has no plans to change the law, arguing that non-fatal strangulation is already covered by existing legislation.

However, campaigners say abusers who use non-fatal strangulation are telling their victims: “I am controlling you and I can kill you” – but too often are charged only with common assault.

This is what happened in Jenny’s case. Her abusive partner used non-fatal strangulation as a means of control throughout the five years they were together.

“It was like his favourite thing to do,” says Jenny, who asked the BBC not to use her real name.

“That sounds really awful and trivial but that is how it becomes as an abuse victim. You learn to accept that is part of your life. It was like something I had to manage.”

“We would wake up in the morning and he would be in one of those moods, and I would see it in his eyes and I would think today’s the day I’m going to get it.

“It could be something as simple as: ‘I don’t like what you have got on’ – that would end in strangulation.”…


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